Welcome to Golf TEESHARE!

Welcome to Golf TEESHARE!

Welcome to Golf TEESHARE!

First, let me tell you why Golf TEESHARE was initially created. We were looking for a revolutionary way for golfers to join one club as a member and have access to a large group of affiliate courses to play golf on and feel like a member!

How would you like a membership to your favorite club which...

-Won't break the bank (compare our list of golf courses to your local membership course)

- Will offer you the ability to play your course as well as other amazing affiliated courses within the TEESHARE program at a discounted rate

- Will offer you an extended booking window

- Will give you golf and non-golf benefits just for being a member...

Golf TEESHARE will become the Club Membership program of the 21st Century!



For our initial offering, Golf TEESHARE has twenty-one of the most amazing courses along the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Whether you live in Myrtle Beach full time, if you are a second homeowner or if you visit at least once per year, the Golf TEESHARE Member program is for you!

We will be expanding our list of courses nationwide and want you to join us. Find out more at GolfTeeshare.com.

Is your golf course a TEESHARE member? If so, great! If not, it's FREE to join Teeshare! Ask the golf pro to contact us at info@golfteeshare.com so we can explain the benefits of being an affiliate!

By the way, if you have any questions about Golf TEESHARE, feel free to contact us!