Myrtlewood PineHills Golf Course

Traditional design on Intracoastal Waterway-offers gentle sloping fairways with a variety of hazards.

Myrtlewood PineHills Golf Course

Myrtlewood PineHills ★ (Myrtlewood Membership)

Myrtlewood PineHills golf course is an 18-hole gem located on the Intracoastal Waterway and one of two beautiful layouts located within Myrtlewood Golf Club & Myrtlewood Villas compound.

An Arthur Hills golf course redesign, Pinehills is a traditional layout with the added punch of strategically placed water, bunkers and, of course, rolling hills. It will take all of your course management skills combined with skillful shotmaking and a strategic plan of attack to conquer this layout.

Myrtlewood Pinehills Golf Course

Challenging and fun to play, PineHills is one of Myrtle Beach’s most requested repeat play golf courses on the Grand Strand. A large driving range and putting green offer everything you need to get ready to practice before your round.

  • AM
  • $ 37.00
  • $ 37.00
  • PM
  • $ 37.00
  • $ 37.00

Remaining Available Teeshares: 27

A Teeshare Membership is Designed to Build Value and Community for its Members.

The PineHills Course at Myrtlewood Golf Club & Myrtlewood Villas Complex offers it's members these great benefits:

  • A breathtaking Home Course within a vacation hub with two golf courses on site.
  • Impressive Clubhouse and Practice Facility
  • Intracoastal waterway vistas
  • Yardage:

  • 6,640
  • Slope Rating (Difficulty):



    67.7/120 72.7/126

    63.8/106 67.9/118

  • Location:

  • Central Myrtle Beach

Myrtlewood PineHills ★ (Myrtlewood Membership) Reviews

Recent Reviews

by Ted Wielepski - 10/06/2018
New Greens are awesome. Not overly fast but speedy enough. Tee Boxes and Fairways are also in excellent shape. Staff was very friendly and had a ranger bringing around cold water on the course ( nice touch ) It was very hot today. You can score on this course if you put your ball in the right position off the tees
by Ted Wielepski - 08/24/2018
Course just reopened with the new Sunday Bermuda Greens which are in outstanding shape. Tee Boxes and Fairways are also in Great Shape. The rough is thick but playable. Bag drop guys, Inside staff and starters were extremely pleasant. Nice touch with ranger bringing around cold water. I have played this course many times but this is the best it has been. Play It.......
by Seth - 03/11/2018
I play for the high school golf team and i thought that this was an amazing course and the guy who helped us out (Anthony) was an amazing person and really nice and the service there was really nice as was the course was beautiful.
by Mike - 11/11/2017
I have played here many times and itand039s always enjoyable.
by Lee - 11/11/2017
One of my favorite Myrtle Beach courses, I could play this course every day and never be disappointed. A minor amount of fungus on a couple of greens can be expected this time of year. All in all an outstanding value and great to play.
by brian - 11/04/2017
Was told that they had just over seeded and could not tell.
by Jim - 08/10/2016
Attempted to play this course in the early afternoon. The rate was much higher than any of the other courses in the area, $58.00. But what's worse is the treatment outsiders receive from the staff in the pro shop. Very rude very pompous and obvious they don't want outsiders playing their course. It's to bad because up until a couple years ago my kids and I would sink several hundreds of dollars into playing the course while staying at Myrtle Wood for a couple weeks. Not anymore. After the 2nd year being treated like garbage by the pro shop staff we will no longer spend any money there. There are too many options close by.
by Reid - 06/23/2016
Called pro shop for tee time on Palmetto course. Shop said greens 80% heeled after maintenance. Very disappointed after we loaded carts and were sent to Pine Hills course. I tried to politely voice my concern, but was totally ignored. Would have never played Pine Hills with so many other choices for less money and better layout. Greens in horrible condition. Fairways and tee boxes very nice, but greens not even close to 80% heeled.
by Timothy - 02/03/2016
The course was wet, so cart path only. The staff were pleasant to deal with which makes for a nice day. It's very wet so it plays long. The greens were a little sluggish but playable. The only thing that was negative was the guy SMOKING in the crowd at the bag drop, I don't think that the staff should allow smoking near the customers.
by Eddie - 01/02/2016
I had a tee time booked for 9 a.m. on New Year's Day. The practice range was closed which was understandable and expected. My 9 a.m. tee time was given to a huge group outing on this course. To be flexible and understanding I told the attendant that my party would be happy to move our tee time to the Myrtlewood Palmetto Course. The starter was very nice and explained the rules and restrictions completely. On the third hole, a group of golfers were behind us. The group behind us yelled and were rude to our group as we approached to hit our balls. Mind you that the course was under water and was cart path only, also understandable and great decision by the greens staff. So we let the inconsiderate group play through. On the eight hole on our second shots the ranger told us we needed to keep up with the group on front of us. I even carried my bag on several holes so that we could stay within the pace of play. We were only maybe five minutes slower than we should have been. I told him we let them play through he said he didn't care we needed to keep up with their pace. They were running through the water soaked fairways to get to their balls. It would seem to me that the ranger would know that the play was going to be a little slower than usual because of the course conditions and restriction. The reason I know this is because I work a golf club and know how things work. My group paid $54 each to play. Our decision to do so, is it to much to ask that a ranger know the conditions and restrictions and be a little considerate to guests of the club. The cart we were assigned to was dirty, it had burnt matches and cigar wrappers in the cubbies of the cart. I would not recommend this course or courses to anyone ever. They seem to be just in the business to get the money and have no clue about customer service. If anyone chooses to play at either of these courses, just know not to expect to much from the staff. We left and didn't finish our round of golf.
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