Looking for Golf Club Memberships? Discover the benefits of Golf TeeShare.

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  • 4 Complimentary Rounds of Golf Annually at HOME Course
  • Special home course rate starting from $19, any time, any season!
  • Individually Designed Golf Teeshare Welcome Package (*Long term Memberships only)
  • Golf Teeshare-specific Discounted Rates from ShipSticks
  • Golf Teeshare-specific Discounted Rates for local dining, and entertainment venues
  • Golf Teeshare Member Discounted Tee Time Rates for both home and away courses
  • Golf Teeshare-specific Rewards and Points Program
  • 5 Days in advance booking window online (up to 4 days in advance by phone) in season (March, April and October)
  • Extended online booking window out of season (up to 4 days in advance by phone)
  • Golf Teeshare Member Free Tee Time Cancellation (up to 24 hours in advance)
  • Membership Web Portal and Private, Community Forum
  • Golf Teeshare resale membership page on website
  • Teeshare Members-only Play Days (open in a specific course when a certain number of members have joined)
  • Daily Use of Locker (if Facility allows)
  • Honors and Golf Teeshare Club Golf Association Events
  • Member Tournaments and Special Events* (Dependent on membership agreement. See Terms and Conditions for Details)
  • Member-only Clinics and Club Fittings
  • Free "Bring-a-Friend" Tee Times and Events
  • Free Swing Assessment from Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center
  • 4 Free Guest Passes (subject to time of year, off-season and with prior golf course approval)
  • Walking Twilight Rates at $20 per member per course
  • 20% Discount on Clubhouse food (non-alcohol, no tobacco)
  • 20% Discount on Clubhouse apparel
  • 10% Equipment (Bags, Clubs, and shoes) in Pro-shop
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Planning a Wedding?

  • Litchfield Country Club
  • Pawleys Plantation
  • Pine Lakes
  • Wild Wing Plantation