Golf Teeshare Membership Plan

Rules and Regulations

This Membership Plan for the Golf Teeshare, the Rules and Regulations of Golf Teeshare, and the
Application for Membership Privileges (collectively, the “Membership Plan”), together offers you an
opportunity to obtain membership privileges in Golf Teeshare.
When used herein, the terms “you” and “your” will mean you the reader of the Membership Plan
documents, and as applicant for and recipient of, membership privileges thereunder; and “we,” “us” and
“our” will generally mean Golf Teeshare, LLC, doing business as Golf Teeshare (sometimes referred to
simply as the “Teeshare”), unless the context clearly refers to both Teeshare and the member or applicant
for membership.
We are offering memberships that permit members of Teeshare to use golf, dining and social
facilities at club facilities owned and operated by golf courses within the Teeshare program and
designated as a home course by the respective member. A schedule of golf courses within the Teeshare
program are set forth in Exhibit “A” attached hereto, each individually referred to as a “Club”, and
collectively referred to as the “Clubs”.

We are a Delaware limited liability company doing business as “Golf Teeshare”. We do not own,
lease or operate any of the facilities at any of the Clubs. We facilitate use of the Clubs by our members,
as a service for both the Clubs and our members as a service to the Clubs and our members.
The Teeshare membership privileges of use are granted pursuant to the terms of an agreement
between Teeshare and each of the Clubs. By acquiring a membership, you do not acquire any ownership
interest in either the Club or Teeshare, and by the same token, you are not subject to special assessments
or any deficit-funding requirement, or other fees which members of the Clubs are otherwise subjected to
as an obligation of membership.

Membership in Teeshare is an opportunity to enjoy outstanding golf, dining, and social privileges
at the Clubs. Memberships will be by accepted application only. Interested persons may apply through our
Each individual member is permitted certain privileges to use facilities at the Club designated by
such individual member as his or her home course, pursuant to the membership benefits for such Club as
the same may exist from time to time.
Should you have any questions concerning the Membership Plan or the membership opportunities
in Teeshare, please contact us at


If you are interested in being considered for invitation in Teeshare, you must comply with the
following requirements:
¨ Complete and sign the Application for Membership Privileges;
¨ Mail to Teeshare the completed and signed Application for Membership Privileges and a check in
the amount of the membership deposit, or complete the online application and pay the membership
deposit by credit card under the website; and
¨ Participate in a telephone interview, if requested.

No one is authorized to give you any information or make any representation to you not contained
in the Membership Plan, and if anyone has given you any information or made any representation or
promise that doesn't appear in the Membership Plan, you may not rely upon it as having been authorized
by us.
Membership in Teeshare is being offered exclusively for the purpose of permitting persons
obtaining membership privileges in Teeshare to use facilities at the respective Club designated by such
Member. Membership privileges should not be viewed or obtained as an investment, and no one obtaining
membership privileges should expect to derive any economic benefits or profits from membership in
Teeshare. This Membership Plan has not been reviewed or endorsed by any third party, whether nongovernmental
or governmental, either a federal or state authority.

Golf Teeshare Membership Plan Table of Contents

Membership Opportunity
Club Facilities
Additions to Club Facilities
Membership Privileges
Establishment of Additional Rules Regarding Use of Club Facilities
Use of the Club Facilities
When Transfers of Membership Privileges May Occur
Relinquishment of Membership Privileges to Teeshare Only by Resignation
Memberships Refundable Deposit Required to Obtain Membership Privileges
When Deposit Will Be Refunded
Application for Membership Procedure
Review of Application for Membership Privileges
Privileges of Members Governed by Membership Plan
Membership Dues
Annual Fees
No Operating or Capital Assessments
Acknowledgment of Membership Rights
Modification and termination of Membership Plan
Discretionary Matters
Effective Date
General Rules
Membership Cards
Mailing Addresses
Membership Services and Activities
Loss of Destruction of Property or Instances of Personal Injury

Membership Opportunity Teeshare offers an eligible person, as hereinafter defined, an opportunity
to become a member of Teeshare and enjoy the golf, dining, and social
facilities at any designated Club. The Club will provide quality facilities
and services.
The privilege to use the designated Club is available to members of Teeshare designating the respective Club as permitted by the Membership Plan.
Term of Membership The term of the Teeshare membership shall be for a period of Ten (10) years.
Club Facilities The facilities of the respective Club are referred to as the “Club Facilities”.

Designation of Club Privileges

The specific privileges of use of the respective Club Facilities are defined by the terms of the agreement between Teeshare and such respective Club. The conditions, restrictions and qualifications of the privileges or use and access are tied to the Teeshare member's membership, and will be attached to the Teeshare Membership certificate upon designation of the respective Club as such Teeshare member’s home course.

Membership Privileges Upon acceptance of the member by Teeshare, full payment of the required membership's fees, and compliance with the Rules and Regulations of Teeshare, such member will have all of the privileges provided in the Membership.
Privileges Personal to Named Individual Privileges of use and access are personal to an individual member.

Establishment of Additional Rules
We reserve the right to amend the Membership Plan and establish new or different rules governing access, use, play sign up, and other privileges with respect to the Teeshare Membership to match the changing needs and desires of the membership.
The privileges of a Teeshare Membership are subject to the Membership Plan, as it may be amended by us. We reserve the right to issue other classifications of membership and, if offered, will establish the use privileges, fees, and dues to be paid for these additional classifications of membership.

Use of the Club Facilities
A Teeshare Membership permits the individual member to use the facilities of the designated Club.
When Transfers of Teeshare Membership Privileges May Occur Teeshare Memberships may not be transferred, whether voluntary or
involuntary, including any transfer or deemed transfer by sale, gift, devise, bequest, or resulting from any act of bankruptcy, insolvency, attachment, or otherwise, other than such transfers as may be facilitated by Teeshare, in its sole discretion. Any such transfer shall result in an automatic suspension of the membership privileges related thereto without further notice by us. Any such prohibited transfer or attempted transfer  may, but shall not be required to, result in termination of the Membership.

Relinquishment of Membership Privileges
Only by Resignation A Teeshare member may relinquish the Teeshare membership privileges only by resignation. A Teeshare member who wishes to resign membership privileges must give us written notice of the intention to resign membership privileges.
Membership Privileges
May Not Be Pledged A Membership in the Club may not be pledged or hypothecated.

Membership's Refundable Deposit Required to Obtain Membership Privileges To be considered for Teeshare Membership privileges, an applicant shall fully pay the refundable deposit, with the submission of the Application for Membership Privileges. Membership deposits are refundable in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Membership Plan.
When Deposit Will Be Refunded Applicable deposit refunds to applicants who are not accepted for membership shall be refunded within thirty (30) days of the rejection of such applicant’s application for membership. Tax consequences of Acquiring a Membership We make no representations and express no opinions regarding applicable tax consequences of acquiring a Teeshare Membership.

Application for Membership Procedure Those who desire to obtain Membership privileges must mail or deliver to Teeshare a fully completed and signed Application for Membership Privileges and a check for the applicable, refundable deposit, or, in the alternative complete an Application for Membership online, and pay the refundable deposit by credit card on the Teeshare website. The applicant will be permitted to enjoy the privileges of the membership application upon approval by us.
Review of Application for Membership Privileges All completed Applications for Membership Privileges shall be reviewed by us. After receiving an Application for Membership Privileges and the required deposit and dues, we, in our discretion, will make the final determination whether the applicant has satisfied the relevant conditions of membership. If the applicant has satisfied those conditions, the applicant will be notified in writing that the Application for Membership Privileges has been acted upon favourably

. Upon acceptance of an application, we will send the member a copy of the Application for Membership Privileges bearing our written acceptance and all the terms and conditions therein provided shall be binding and shall inure to the benefit of the member together the respective benefits, rules and regulations of the respective Club chosen by such applicant as his or her home course.
In the event the Application for Membership Privileges is not acted upon favorably, the applicant' will receive a refund of the refundable deposit and any dues-previously paid, without interest.
Privileges of Teeshare Members Governed by Membership Plan If approved for Teeshare membership, the Teeshare member agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Membership Plan as amended from time to time.

Membership Dues
The Teeshare Membership dues shall be determined by the applicable fee due from the Club designated as his or her home course by the Teeshare Member.
Annual Fees
Each year we will determine the amount of annual membership fee, and other charges to be paid by each Teeshare Member for the next membership year. The initial annual membership fee shall be $125.00. Annual Membership Fees shall be paid in advance on a yearly basis.

No Operating or Capital Assessments Teeshare Members are not subject to any operating or capital assessments.
Management of Club
Facilities and Operations The respective Club Facilities will be owned by the owner of the respective Club and not be Teeshare. We are not responsible for the administration of any Club Facilities or any Club. The owner of each respective Club will have the exclusive authority to establish Rules and Regulations, and determine the management and affairs of the Club Facilities.
Damage to Facilities by Member, Family or Guests Any loss or damage to any Club Facilities or the property of any Club caused by any Teeshare Member shall be the financial responsibility of the Teeshare Member.

Acknowledgment of Membership Rights

Teeshare Membership is not an investment in Teeshare and does not provide the member with equity or ownership interest or any other property interest in Teeshare, or any Club or the Club Facilities. A Teeshare member obtains a revocable license to use the respective Club Facilities by reason of Teeshare membership. Teeshare Membership does not, however, confer on any Teeshare member a vested, prescriptive, or other right or easement to use the Club Facilities. Teeshare members do not have any interest in the income of the respective Club, and do not have the right to receive any of the respective Club's assets if the Club is

Modification and Termination of Membership Plan

In the event of any disagreement or ambiguity concerning any provision(s) in the Membership Plan, we shall determine the meaning of the provisions, in our discretion. The Teeshare membership and services described herein are as they exist or are planned as of January 1, 2018 and are subject to change. In the event that either the Membership Plan, or any particular membership is terminated without cause, or the operation of all or substantially all of the Club Facilities is discontinued, then the affected Teeshare members will either (i) be offered membership at an alternative Club; or (ii) be repaid their refundable deposit, less any accrued unpaid dues and charges, which would be paid if the membership were deemed recalled. Such refund, if any, will be paid, without interest, within thirty days.

Discretionary Matters As to discretionary matters provided for in the Membership Plan, those decisions shall be made in our sole discretion.

Effective Date This Membership Plan in Golf Teeshare shall be effective as of January 1, 2018.
Golf Teeshare
It is intent of Teeshare to limit these Rules and Regulations (“Rules”) to the minimum required for
the mutual enjoyment of the Teeshare program by all its members.
The obligation of enforcing these Rules for the good of all members is placed primarily in the
hands of a carefully selected and trained staff whose principal responsibility is to assure you of all the
courtesies, comforts, and services to which you, as a member of Teeshare, are entitled.
It is further the responsibility of the membership of Teeshare to know these Rules and to cooperate
in their enforcement.
1. The hours of operation of the respective Club, considering the season of the year and other
circumstances. Each Club reserves the right to close its Club Facilities to hold special events.
Certain areas of any Club Facilities may be closed from time to time for maintenance repairs, and
2. Teeshare Members shall abide by all Rules and Regulations as they may be amended from time to
3. All food and beverage, including alcoholic beverages, consumed on any if the Club Facilities must
be furnished by the respective Club.
4. The roster or list of members of Teeshare shall be considered the property of Teeshare, and shall
not be used or given to anyone by a member of Teeshare for any reason whatsoever, and may be
furnished to a member of Teeshare in the sole discretion of Teeshare. Unauthorized release of the
membership roster is viewed as a very serious breach of these rules. Violations will be reviewed by
Teeshare, and may result in immediate expulsion or other appropriate disciplinary action.
5. AII references in either the Membership Plan, these Rules, or the member's Application for
Membership Privileges, or concerning the “discretion of Teeshare” are deemed to mean in the sole
and absolute discretion of Teeshare.
6. Any defined terms used herein, which are not specifically defined in these Rules, shall have the
same meaning ascribed to such terms in the Membership Plan.
7. Teeshare reserves the right to amend or: modify these Rules when necessary, and will notify the
membership of any change.
8. A membership card indicating a Teeshare account number, the classification of membership, will
be issued to the member upon payment of the appropriate dues.
9. A membership card may not be used by any person other than the person to whom it is issued.
Failure to comply with this Rule may result in suspension or termination of membership privileges.
Membership cards are not transferable.
10. In order to protect members from improper charges, Teeshare may require the presentation of
membership cards at the point of sale for all transactions.
11. In the event of a lost or stolen membership card, Teeshare must be notified immediately in writing.
12. Each member is responsible for filing with the Membership Office in writing on a form provided,
the mailing address and any changes thereto, to which the member wishes all notices and invoices
of Teeshare be sent. A member shall be deemed to have received mailings from Teeshare ten days
after they have been deposited in the U. S. Mail and/or sent by overnight carrier and/or personally
delivered to the last address on file with the Membership Office. In the absence of any (or a
correct) address filing with the Membership Office, any Teeshare mailing may, with the same
effect as described above, be addressed as Teeshare determines is most likely to cause its prompt
13. Each member as a condition of membership, and each guest as a condition of use of any Club Facilities, assumes sole responsibility for their property. Teeshare shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any private property used or left on any of the Club Facilities.
14. Any member, guest or other person who, in any manner, either makes use of or accepts the use of
any apparatus, appliance, facility, privilege, or service whatsoever owned, leased, or operated by
the Club including without limitation the use of golf carts, or who engages in “any contest, game,
function exercise competition or other activity operated, organized arranged, or sponsored by the
Club, either on or off the Club Facilities shall do so at their own risk, which shall include risks
associated with errant golf balls. The member shall indemnify and hold harmless Golf Teeshare,
LLC, and, its affiliates and respective directors, shareholders general partners limited partners,
officers, employees, affiliates, representatives and agents, from any and all loss, cost, claim, injury,
judgment, cause of action, damage, or liability sustained or incurred by the member, resulting in
whole or in part from any of the matters described in the previous sentence. Any member shall
have, owe and perform the same obligation to Golf Teeshare, LLC, and its affiliates and respective
directors, shareholders, general partners, limited partners, officers, employees, affiliates
representatives and agents hereunder in respect to any such loss, cost, claim, injury, damage, or
liability sustained or incurred by any family member or guest of the member.
15. Should any member bring suit against either Golf Teeshare, LLC, or any Club for any claim or
matter and fail to obtain judgment therein against any of them, the member shall be liable to See
Golf Teeshare, LLC, or its affiliate for all costs arid expenses incurred in the defense of such suit,
including reasonable attorneys' fees (including fees required in connection with appellate
16. Teeshare will work with each Club to establish the policy for reservations and cancellations for
Teeshare members from time to time.
17. A member may resign his membership only as permitted by the Membership Plan.
Notwithstanding any resignation, suspension, or termination of membership privileges, the member
shall remain liable for any amounts unpaid on the members account, dues, fees, and other charges.
Membership suspension or termination may be imposed if the member:
a. Submitted false information on the Application for Membership, which if had been
truthfully disclosed, would have rendered the applicant ineligible for membership;
b. Permits the membership card or Teeshare account to be used by anyone other than the
designated holder;
c. Exhibits unsatisfactory behavior or appearance, in the Teeshare's discretion;
d. Fails to pay any amount owed to Teeshare in a proper and timely manner;
e. Fails to abide by these Rules and Regulations;
g. Treats the personnel or employees of Teeshare or any Club in an unreasonable or abusive
manner; or
h. Engages in conduct that is improper or likely to endanger or lessen the welfare, safety,
harmony or reputation of Teeshare or its members.
18. Teeshare, or any respective Club may at any time restrict, suspend, or terminate, for cause or
causes described in these Rules, any member's privilege to use any or all of the respective Club
Facilities. No such member shall be entitled to a refund of any dues or any other fees on account of
any such restriction or suspension. During the restriction or suspension, dues and other charges
shall continue to accrue and shall be paid in full prior to reinstatement as a member in good